Iridium Tutoring

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In the summer of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic recently hit the U.S, I founded Iridium Tutoring with Gracie Sheng, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free tutoring and educational support to students in grades K-12. At Iridium, we provide educational guidance, through webinars, courses, and events to support hundreds of students in the local region since 2020.

MAMS Digital SISO System

MAMS Digital Sign-in/out System


Charles Tang, Tarun Eswar, David Barsoum

The previous sign-in system at Mass Academy was very mechanical and time-consuming. We developed this project to improve the efficiency and technology related to the sign-in and sign-out methods. This full-stack end-to-end digital sign-in/out system uses face recognition technologies, C++/Python scripts, SQL databases, ReactJS web portal, NodeJS backend, and a Raspberry Pi device for interacting with RFID tags and facial recognition. Worked with 100+ beta-testers and the WPI IT department for complete integration and testing.

[Link] [Slides] [Poster]

Pantry Access

Pantry Access App


Charles Tang, Jennifer Schaughnessy, Sumanth Sura

Pantry Access is a universal food pantry application for food pantries and clients. Using ReactJS, Material-UI, and Firebase Authentication and Firestore servers, we built a web application that streamlines communication between clients and pantries, as well as provide a single cloud-based location to manage inventory and donations desired. Developed during Mass Academy's Apps for Good project.

[Link] [GitHub] [Poster]

Aim Game

Aim Game


An aim game using Java Swing graphical user interface developed for the AP Computer Science A Final Project assignment. Allows users to customize the difficulty of the game level as well as progressing in difficulty over time.


Multipurpose Discord Bot



A multipurpose discord bot with a monetary system, user name storage system, and a schedule update system developed with the Python API. Used json storage and webscraping techniques.


AP Calculus BC Course Notes

AP Calculus BC Course Notes


Over the past year, I created a set of notes covering all topics in AP Calculus BC using the LaTeX typesetting system. The notes include definitions, theorems, graphics, and example problems from the AP Curriculum. This work is copyrighted by CC-BY-NC-ND.