Chicken Adobo
🇵🇭 Philippines

October 16, 2023

Rating: 7.5/10

Equipment: Large skillet (or wok)

My seventeenth recipe! Chicken adobo is a popular Filipino dish that is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic. The chicken is then cooked in the marinade and served with rice. The dish is easy to make yet so delicious for meal prepping!

Vegan Spicy Salty
Japanese Curry
🇯🇵 Japan

August 23, 2023

Rating: 9/10

My thirteenth recipe! Japanese Curry (or Kare) is a flavorful and well-liked dish for any occasion. I cooked it this time for my meal prep, and it was a great choice. I used a pre-made curry roux and topped it with some flavorful chicken (or no chicken for a vegan alternative). I will definitely be making this again in the future!

Meat Spicy Salty
Kimchi (and Fried Rice)
🇰🇷 Korea

July 5-11, 2023

Rating: 8/10

My seventh recipe! I have never made fermented foods (pickles, kimchi, etc) before and this was definitely a first. This recipe used many Asian ingredients, which are sometimes a pain in the rear end to obtain (such as gochugaru spice). The outcome came out pretty well, although I think I can balance out the cabbage and radish portions better if I made it again (which I definitely will!).

Meat Spicy Salty
🇳🇵 Nepal

June 26, 2023

Rating: 9/10

Equipment: steamer pot

My fifth recipe! Since I have a Nepali friend, they showed me how to make one of the most popular dishes in Nepal, momo! Essentially, momo are dumplings, commonly served with a spicy tomato sauce. We made 175 momo, but this recipe below is scaled down for 100. It’s also a popular street food in Nepal, and can be served for any event!

Meat Spicy Umami
🇵🇰 Pakistan

June 14, 2023

Rating: 8/10

Equipment: Instant Pot

My third recipe! Nihari is a Pakistani beef stew made with a lot of spices and seasoning, as well as beef shank. I decided to use an Instant Pot version of this recipe to make it cook faster, cut down on the portioning, and made some substitutions along the way.

Meat Salty
🇨🇳 China

July 1/2, 2023

Rating: 10/10

My sixth recipe! One of my childhood favorites, I went to my grandmother’s to learn her famous recipe (Meat Zongzi). Since China’s actual national dish (Peking Duck) is near impossible to make at home, I decided to learn one of my grandmother’s recipes. Zongzi is essentially a stick rice dumpling, which is a tradition to eat during the Dragonboat (Duanwu) Festival. It is a pretty complicated recipe, but I hope you enjoy it!